To attend The Grand National is to witness the most iconic steeplechase in the world. It remains one of the key events in the British sporting calendar and the most popular day for gambling in the UK!

To see it live alongside 65,000 passionate spectators is a must for racing and sporting fans alike with fantastic racing, people watching and hospitality available. 

Our Grand National packages offer the perfect mix of carefully selected accommodation, tickets and extra touches for a memorable trip to see The Grand National 

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About The Grand National

Is there a horse racing event more famous, more beloved and more quintessentially British than the Grand National? Far from simply a day at the races, this is a mini break in the making for those looking to make the most of it – complete with cheeky flutters, plenty of courseside antics and a good gaggle of cheeky tipples to – responsibly! – enjoy throughout.


The Grand National 2023 is well on its way, and Grand National tickets are always in high demand as a result. Picking where to stay and what to wear is a big part of the fun for this glorious springtime tradition – but don’t worry, you’re not off to the races alone.

Here’s our quick guide to making the most of the Grand National packages on offer – information on the events and races to expect, but also the best kept secrets you need to really soak in that Grand National hospitality.

How long has the Grand National been going on for?

The Grand National 2023 is the latest in a long history of race events that take place annually – and it’s such a British institution by this point that it’s hard to imagine any time in the world where there wasn’t a Grand National at all!

Officially known as the Randox Grand National Festival, the first race of its kind – and the establishment of the event that would become the Grand National we know and love today – can be traced back as far as the early 1800s.

A race featuring stone fences and challenging ploughed terrain was established in 1839, testing horses’ and jockeys’ mettle. The event became a landmark success, quickly becoming the event we all clamour to buy Grand National tickets for today – not to mention the landmark event on many a bookies’ calendar too!


As the event grew over time, so too did the level of Grand National hospitality that went with it. Events throughout the calendar created the fashion for fancy hats and dressing to impress, while hotels throughout the region upped their game in offering comfort, good food and easy access to the races each day they were active.

No wonder the Grand National 2023 is such a major event today – it has centuries of hype behind it!

What to know about the Grand National 2023


Grand National tickets sell quickly, and the Grand National 2023 is no exception. After all, it’s not just a case of the races themselves, but also the chance to bag the best hotels and take advantage of that luxurious Grand National hospitality.

The Grand National 2023 takes place between 13th April and 15th of April, and crams a lot into those active race days. You’ll find that the majority of Grand National packages emphasise a stay that covers the entire festival, if not a day before or after too to help you settle in and get your bearings.

Naturally, there are also Grand National packages that focus on specific days in the great event, if you are only after making the most of a specific date – or want to watch your yearly cheeky flutter running their best live from the course itself.


Each of the days that the Grand National 2023 is run has its own style and flair, as is traditional. Some Grand National tickets hone in on one such day specifically, while bigger Grand National packages aim to let you see the whole lot.

Grand National Opening Day is always buzzing with excitement, as anticipation builds and the first few races are run in earnest. The following day, the Friday, is Ladies Day – this is the time when photos from the Grand National 2023 are most likely to feature fanciful hats, outlandish outfits and a fair few celebrity appearances.


A bit of a distinguished party mood takes over on the final day of the Grand National, and it is indeed the Saturday when the Grand National 2023 race itself takes place. While the other races in the preceding days are certainly big events, this is the big one – fully televised and always setting hearts pounding.

But why settle for watching it on the television, when you can grab the best Grand National packages and see it firsthand for yourself?


Why do Brits love the Grand National?

Whether it’s cheering for the underdog, applauding the favourite as they romp home past the post, gasping at a photo finish or simply taking advantage of the succulent meals at the heart of the best Grand National hospitality, there are so many reasons why Grand National tickets so quickly sell out, year after year.

The excitement

The Grand National 2023 is the latest in a long legacy of horse races that have shaped the lifestyles and careers of many of the most famous sportsmen and women in the world

You’re not just sitting in the stands for a day at the races, but you’re taking part in history. Who knows – years from now you can say you were right there when the next Red Rum was discovered, or witnessed the pivotal photo finish in which fortunes were won and lost.

The celebrities

Famous faces, from big stars to more reclusive celebrities, are often among those visiting this star studded event every year – and the Grand National 2023 is expected to be no exception.


Keep your looks fresh, your camera storage nice and freed up, and your best manners on hand if you approach anyone with your autograph book – you never know who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with!

The tradition

The Grand National 2023 is a long running British institution, marking the start of springtime and one of the major sporting events in the packed British athletic calendar.

There’s little more British than watching the Grand National, cheering victories and commiserating losses – but even the best TV money can buy can’t replace the exhilaration of seeing it in person.

From luxury Grand National packages to Grand National tickets that let you slip in and out of that must-see day at the races, we have tons to offer – all you need to do is decide what to wear!